How to Add Gravity Form Tab

Starting version 2.0, the use of your author box will change completely. With this added support for Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, you can now add Contact the Author Tab. Much more if you are using the author box as property agent box, can serve as Contact the Agent for each properties. Unlimited Possibilities can be done with this added amazing features.

  1. New Fields are added under Post Fields
  2. Click the Field and Add Specific Label.
  3. To Add the Notification Option for each Authors, Goto Form Settings > Notifications then select or create new notification.
  4. After Selecting the Notification, under 'Send To' select Select a Field and select the Label you've added for the 'Author Box Email' Field.
  5. Save the Form and Copy the Shortcode.

Then Go to WP Author Box > Tab Settings and 'Add Tab'.

Select 'Contact Form' under Tab Content Type Field.

Contact Form Shortcode field will appear, then paste the form shortcode and 'Switch On' the Show tab Field.

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