How to Generate Team Shortcode

Generating shortcode made easy on this plugin. Just go to Team > Shortcode Generator and choose the options you wanted and click "Generate Shortcode" and just that you have it, copy and paste the shortcode generated into your post, page or text widget content.

List of shortcode parameters :

  • groups : The SLUG of the Group/Category you want to display
  • orderby : Set member order by name or custom order
  • order : Set the order by ASC or DESC
  • position : Show your social media icons on either before or after the excerpt or on image hover
  • limit : Set the display limit
  • hide : Array of the options you want to hide, separated by comma
  • link : Disables linking to single member page if value is set to 1
  • layout : Display your members on either Grid, Carousel or Filterable
  • columns : Set grid view from 1-12 columns
  • social_view : Aesthetically display your social media icons from colored, dark, light or text links
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